Super Mario RPG


Super Mario RPG

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  • Fyrir 3 ára og eldri
  • Nintendo
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Enter—or revisit—a world of whimsy with Mario on a quest to repair Star Road and defeat the troublemaking Smithy Gang. Team up with a party of unlikely allies, like the monstrous Bowser and a mysterious doll named Geno, in a story-rich RPG packed with laughs and quirky characters.


The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom who always jumps in to help. Mario serves Fireball and Jump specials to stomp all over enemies.


Princess Peach

The beloved ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom who is…missing?! Once found, Princess Peach supports the party with healing and staggering status effect specials.



The King of the Koopas who lost his Keep to the invading Smithy Gang. Bowser uses his might and mischievous minions to overwhelm his enemies.



A young frog (despite appearances) and the grandson of the Frog Sage. Mallow unleashes the destructive power of weather onto enemies, while healing his allies with rain.



A powerful protector of Star Road taking the form of a humble doll. Geno puppeteers his own style of moves, like Geno Beam and Geno Boost.