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vrn. LEV72769

Both adults and kids will love Levenhuk LabZZ SP10 Astroplanetarium. You can observe the night sky in a city apartment in any weather with this compact tool. Just turn off the light, close the curtains, and turn on the astroplanetarium.

Place the device on a flat surface, direct the lens toward a white ceiling or wall, and behold a view of 10,000 stars of the Northern Hemisphere. The kit includes 2 projection slides. The first one shows stars as dots, and the second one shows light outlines of star constellations. Rotate the star slide, and then the whole projection will rotate around its axis.

You can rotate the device on the stand and direct the lens horizontally or vertically. The front panel has a disk tray for inserting the slides. You can perform focusing with a ring located around the lens. This tool runs on 4 AA batteries (not included).

The kit includes a planisphere (a rotating star chart). It shows how the night sky looks at a certain time during different months.


Astroplanetarium projects images of about 10,000 stars
Automatic cutoff option
You can choose a view of the sky with the outlines of constellations or with stars only

The kit includes:

Astroplanetarium on a stand
2 star slides
Lens protective cap
“CyberSky” Software CD for Windows (in English)
User manual

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